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The Wedding

Finally, the ceremony was over! Azula was dressed in a long black dress, something she had designed herself. It was corset style almost, and below the waist was a gown of black feathers. She stood off to the edge of the crowd, trying to get breathing space. Even now, at age 19, crowds made her jumpy.

Now, most people would probably ask: "Why marry so early?" The answer is actually quite simple. Two people were in love. And in time, they grew very attached to each other. That is why.

Damien approached her, breaking her from her thoughts. "You're dancing with me on the next song," he said, smirking slightly.

She groaned. What song had he picked?! "What did you do?" she asked him. He shook his head, an innocent look passing over his face. Azula rolled her eyes and just waited, realizing she wouldn't get an answer at all.

Moments later, a familiar song began to play. Azula looked at Damien, who grinned. Pachelbel's Canon, of course. Together, they headed for the dancing area, where other couples stood together. Halia and her husband, Nephertite and a boy her age; all of them dancing together. This was quite the show. It was something very unusual for the Magic City.

Together, they danced, enjoying the moment. When the song ended, Azula pulled them away from the crowd.

"Running from our own wedding?" Damien asked.

Azula shook her head. "Not running away from the wedding. Just moving away from the crowd."

Damien brushed a strand of hair that had come in front of her eyes away. "Antisocial," he said to her.

"I am not!" Azula retorted.

"Yes," Damien grinned, "you are. But you're also my wife and I love you all the same."

"That's good to know," said Azula, making a point of adding fake-annoyance to her voice. She thought of something though. "I suppose I'm not Ms. Blue anymore, am I?"

"I guess not. Mrs. Lanpereaux," said Damien, testing it out.

"Weird," said Azula. "To be a 'Mrs.' and all."

"Got that right," said Damien. He pulled her back out to the dance floor. They danced a few more songs.

By the end, neither of them wanted to dance anymore. They just wanted to be alone. On their honeymoon.


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