Dark Magic

Welcome to our world...

 My name is Azula Airkyza Blue, and I am, for the most part, not normal. And neither are my friends. You see, we are special. We don't just go around calling ourselves Dark Magix for nothing. That would be plain stupid. No, we're something much, much cooler.

 We have Magic. There, I said it. Dark Magic to be precise. There's a difference between Dark Magic and Light Magic, so whatever you do, do NOT refer to me (or any of my friends for that matter) as Light Magic users. Dark and Light has a long standing love-hate relationship.

 It started when our great-great-great grandparents were alive. Back then, the whole world knew about Magic. It all existed in harmony. There was balance between Light and Dark, as there still is Day and Night.

 One day, a man by the name of Archyolyte, mastered the power of Dark. This was an unusual developpement. He trained with this friend, Zephero. Zephero though, found the new developpement.... interesting. He enjoyed the power, much more than he should've. That is what corrupted him. He soon became known as The Dark Sorcerer.

 The Dark Sorcerer slaughtered many, whether with weapons or Magic. Soon, the Magix were divided into two side: Light and Dark. Archyolyte found his friend, and tried desperately to show him what was happening, how corrupted he had become, but it was no use.

 The world was at it's darkest time, everyone sick and dying. The Darks were put into slavery, forced into doing everything for The Dark Sorcerer. The Lights were enslaved as well. Though in secret, one rose to power: the fair Melodia Serenity Lilia. She was the strongest user of Light Magic. She became the first Light Queen.

 Once The Dark Sorcerer discovered her and her power, he tried to turn her against her friends, against her people. She stood strong. With help from Archyolyte, The Light Queen imprisoned The Dark Sorcerer in an empty world in a inescapable dimension.

 After the war ended, things were not over. After being inslaved, the Lights wanted nothing to do with the Dark, and The Light Queen agreed. She made the practice of Dark Magic illegal. Archyolyte was enraged; he had helped The Light Queen defeat The Dark Sorcerer, and it had required the use of Dark Magic. But The Light Queen refused. Never again was Dark Magic to be used. If you were caught within the practice, it was a life sentence.

 This didn't stop Archyolyte. He formed a small group of Dark Magic users. They remained in hiding from The Light Queen. She only knew of their existance before her untimely death. Her daughter took over, followed by her daughter's daughter, and her daughter's daughter's daughter. The Light Ruler was always to be a Queen for the memory of Melodia.

 The first Light Queen's great-granddaughter still rules, though she is growing old and weak. Namie, my grandmother, is the great-granddaughter of Archyolyte. Which makes me a decendant of him.

 Me and my friends are the only remaining Dark Magic users in the world (that we know of), and even we don't know or understand the limits. All I know is what I write in the story. All I know is what has happened. So please, take some time and learn a bit about the other side of the world - the one which has been locked out for the past four generations and a half. Who knows, you may be one of us.

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